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About elguey.mk

How I got into buying click clack stuff

My first mechanical keyboard was a Corsair K70 (with the ugly logo) that I bought back in April 2015. But, the moment I fell into the mechanical keyboard hole was later that year in July when I bought my second keyboard: a ducky mini with Cherry browns.

I honestly do not remember exactly when I subscribed to r/mechanicalkeyboards but it must have been before I purchased the ducky mini; I think I saw a post of one on the subreddit and that lead me to mechanicalkeyboards.com which is where I bought the ducky mini. Up until that moment, I had no idea about layers and I had never used a 60% keyboard so like many newbies I was like: "WHeRe aRe ThE aRrOwS?" I got the hang of layers pretty quickly and began to enjoy smaller factor form keyboards.

Switches is a big part of what makes this hobby addictive because the "right" switch always comes down to preference. When I bought my first two keyboards, I was pretty ignorant about keyboard switches at the time and thought that MX Cherry browns were the best switches out there (I obviously don't think that anymore). I began buying lots of different kinds of switches and now my favorite type of switch is the Zealious v2 67g switch with holy pandas coming at a close second.

Why so many weeb sets?

Aside from keyboards, I also enjoy studying Japanese and watching anime which interesting enough intersects with the mechanical keyboard hobby. Usually if a keycap set has Hiragana or Katakana legends/sub-legends, I will most likely buy it (as you can see from the Japanese tag). Also, just a quick note: if you can read Japanese, you might notice Kanji characters in some of the tag pages; I use 桜 to represent pink because ピンクdidn't really fit and in a way, sakura kinda represents the color pink.


I started this blog as a simple side project. If I get serious about it, I will definitely upgrade my phone to a Google Pixel 4 XL (just kidding, I will buy a DSLR camera for sure).

Camera: Google Pixel 2 XL

Lightbox: The sun, Travor Photo Studio Light Box

Software: Affinity Photo, Adobe Photoshop