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Golden Sage

The RAMA M60-a was the first premium board that I have owned; I initially bought a gray colored M60-a but I then traded it for a sage version since I felt the gray one lacked personality. While it is more difficult to find sets for a green board, I thought combining the mods from GMK Minimal with the alphas from GMK Metaverse for a clean all white look would help highlight the beautiful anodized green color on the board. On top of that, I added the GMK Minimal brass keycap to match the gorgeous gold mirror PVD brass weight on the back of the board.

For the switches, the FEI matcha switches were the perfect fit. I lubed them with 3204 lube and while they are not my favorite switch, they feel super smooth and sound amazing on the thick integrated plate. Lastly, while overpriced, I added some lubed Zeal stabilizers so the RGB underglow could shine through the stabs as well.



Keycap Sets

GMK Metaverse

GMK Minimal

RAMA x Minimal

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