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Obtained on: December 15, 2019 | Currently own

I never got the point of 40% keyboards but the nightmare has changed my mind even though this keyboard might not technically be a true 40% (more like a 50%). While the layout is mostly fixed, the bottom row has an option to use a 7u spacebar or two 1u, one 2.25u, and one 2.75u spacebars. The 7u option gives the board a unique aesthetic but I opted for the split spacebar option since that makes the more way more practical.

My favorite feature of this board is the four key macropad on the left. Not only does it add a lot of potential increasing the efficiency of the board, but it makes for a great place to add a novelties or artisan keycaps.

Keyboard Features

  • material

    pla plastic

  • plate

    2mm pla plastic

  • pcb


  • typing angle

    5 degree

  • interface


  • layout

    50% - HHKB

  • rgb


  • weight


MT3 Godspeed mods + MT3 Serika alphas on nightmare on sky blue background
MT3 Godspeed mods + MT3 Serika alphas on nightmare
SA Symbiosis 2.0 alphas, SA Leviathan mods on nightmare 3d printed board
SA Symbiosis 2.0 alphas and SA Leviathan blank mods on nightmare
MT3 Serika on nightmare on white background
MT3 Serika on nightmare
  • #white
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