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GMK Kaiju

GMK Kaiju

Obtained on: January 28, 2021 | Currently own

If you are unfamiliar with the term Kaiju ( 怪獣 ), then think Godzilla. When I first discovered this set, I was set on buying it even though the color scheme is reminiscent of a classic Gatorade bottle.

For me, one of the main selling factors for this set was the amazing novelties. In particular, I love the 怪獣 enter keycap and the 大 R1 keycap. The accent orange is super vibrant and really makes the set pop at first glance. I have yet to own a set that uses GMK's L9, which is the beige color of the alphas, so initially, I thought the L9 color was going to make the set look dull. That is partially true when the set is placed on a frosted clear case but to me, this set looks amazing on green colored cases like my sage RAMA m60-a.

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  • Base
  • Warnings (novelties)
  • Abnormalities (40s)
  • Barriers (spacebars)
  • GMK Kaiju on Switch Couture Acrylic Alice on white bg
    GMK Kaiju on Switch Couture Acrylic Alice
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