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GMK Laser

GMK Laser

Obtained on: November 29, 2017 | Currently own

This was my first ever GMK set. I wanted to see what the GMK hype was all about and I think this set was a great introduction.

My main attractions were the vibrant colors and Hiragana sub-legends. When I first saw this group buy, I was not aware of any other GMK set that had sub legends. The only keycaps I had seen with Hiragana or Katakana printed on the alphas was DSA Otaku, but that was dye-subbed.

Again, this was my first GMK set so as you can imagine, I was put off by the price of the base kit. Luckily, I convinced myself that all I needed was the Gaijin kit and blocknet kit. I was sort of right but then after buying the RAMA m60-a, I needed a 7u spacebar. By some miracle, a good person on mechmarket sold me one. A few months later, Drop had a re-drop and I bought the Mitowaves kit solely for the delicious ramen keycap.

Kits I own(ed)

  • Gaijin
  • Blocknet
  • Mitowaves
  • GMK Laser on Think 6.5 with gold pvd brass badge
    GMK Laser on Think 6.5 with brass badge
    GMK Laser on wood case that showcases the ramen novelty
    Laser Ramen
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