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GMK WoB Hiragana

GMK WoB Hiragana

Obtained on: April 6, 2020 | Currently own

White on black sets aren't usually my thing because, even though they go with any kind of build, they are boring. However, when a kit uses mono Hiragana legends and micon mods, then I can be convinced. While other sets in the past have offered mono Hiragana legends, this was the first set I bought that also included them in the base kit (usually mono Hiragana alphas are offered as a child kit). One nice feature of this set is that it uses the same colors as GMK Minimal and GMK Metaverse so I can mix and match to create unique black and white sets.

While I am overall happy with the set, there are a couple issues. First, there was some miscommunication with GMK so the banderole for this set was not included in the final product. The other problem was that the set was already a bit shiny and greasy looking when I opened it. One of the reasons I do not like black ABS sets is because they looks super ugly once they start to shine and this set is no exception. I had to clean to keycaps a bit but it still has an oily look to it.

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  • GMK White on black hiragana with GMK Metaverse novelties on Think 6.5 keyboard
    GMK WoB hiragana with GMK Metaverse novelties on Think 6.5 keyboard next to my copy of Persona 5 Royal
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