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ePBT 黒・白

ePBT 黒・白

Obtained on: April 19, 2019 | Currently own

Black and white go with everything which is why I am a fan of monochrome sets, if done right.

Kuro/shiro is one of my favorite sets because of the Japanese modifiers. Sure, sub legends are cool and all but when backspace becomes 後退, that is a whole new level. Aside from the amazing mods, I got a RAMA PVD brass keycap with 黒 written on top; yes, I know it is just a keycap that says black but I love the look of kanji. Aside from the cool aesthetics, I again am impressed with the feel of PBT over ABS although I am annoyed that some of my spacebars are wrapped.

Kits I own(ed)

  • Essentials
  • Japanese Mod
  • Spacebar
  • Numpad
  • Think 6.5 keyboard with kuro/shiro keycaps and GMK Metaverse red accents on red background
    Kuro/Shiro with GMK Metaverse red accents
    Back view of RAMA M60-a with ePBT kuro/shiro keycaps mounted
    Kuro/Shiro on RAMA M60-a with a view of the beautiful silver PVD brass weight
    Kuro/shiro with RAMA Hinomaru white keycap on blue Tokyo60v
    Kuro/shiro with RAMA Hinomaru keycap on Tokyo60v
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