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SA Laser

SA Laser

Obtained on: January 24, 2020 | Currently own

GMK Laser was my first high-end keycap set so naturally, I had to grab some SA Laser kits after seeing them on Drop. Plus, I am a fan of the full size legends that SA alpha kits have so it was a no brainer when I saw SA Laser had hiragana alpha kits.

Initially, I bought the Gaijin and Kobe alpha kits but the SA version of the Gaijin set is subpar when compared to the GMK version so I had to let that one go along with the Micons kits (didn't need an extra mod set).

Kits I own(ed)

  • Kobe
  • Gaijin
  • Micons
  • Obnet
  • Turbo
  • Arrows
  • Mitowaves
  • 6.25u/7u Spacebars
  • SA Laser on Think 6.5 with dim red lighting
    I did not realized the down and right key were swapped
    Shot of SA Laser with a highlight on a ramen novelty keycap
    Laser ramen
    Two keyboards next to each other showcasing SA and GMK Laser Gaijin and Micons kit
    SA and GMK Laser Gaijin and Micons kit, twins!
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