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SA Pulse

SA Pulse

Obtained on: November 3, 2018 | Currently own

During the second round of SA Pulse, MiTo introduced an amazing child kit called mitolet which featured a 2-2-3-3-3 TKL base kit in a glorious violet color with cyan legends. While SA Pulse is a decent kit, I am did not have any interest in buying it but mitolet was too beautiful to pass up.

Aside from the vibrant purple keycaps, I bought the novelties kit solely for the mitolet keycaps — one which was suppose to be RGB compatible. This was the first time I had seen an SA keycap from Signature Plastics that would allow shine-thorough. However, after receiving the keycap and trying it out, the end result was rather disappointing since only a bit of light leaks through.

Kits I own(ed)

  • mitolet
  • novelties
  • Purple with cyan keycaps on polycarbonate keyboard
    Mitolet on Think 6.5 with silver badge
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