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Obtained on: March 1, 2019 | No longer own

Ever since I downsized from 100% to 60-65% boards, I thought I would never buy another full size board. However, the Kira has the gamer rgb package without the ugly gamer board exterior design so that was enough to convince me. Although, I was a little frustrated with my timing since after a month of buying the standard Kira with box royal switches, the aluminum version with box royal switches went on sale for the standard Kira's price.

On top of missing out on the aluminum version, this was the first board I owned that had a faulty PCB. Luckily, Kono's customer service provided me with a replacement board free of charge and they also lubbed my stabs.

I am not a fan of Input Club's software (Kiibohd Configurator) to program the PCB but I mainly use this board to game; I settled on a keymap and only had to reprogram the keyboard twice so it isn't that big of a deal.

Keyboard Features

  • material

    injection molded plastic

  • plate

    1.5mm steel

  • pcb


  • typing angle

    7 degree

  • interface


  • layout

    99% - compact

  • rgb

    per-switch RGB + underglow

  • weight


SA Laser on IC Kira on a white background
SA Laser on white IC Kira
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  • #rgb
  • #underglow
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