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Obtained on: July 31, 2020 | Currently own

I already own a Prime_E but I really love the layout and aesthetic of this board that I had to buy another one. This time around, the case is a 3d printed case from P3D which is translucent ruby red. The case also came with a FR4 plate and features a gasket-like mounting style.

As of now, the board has lubed T1 67g tactile switches with red stems and translucent smoky housing. I also added SIP sockets to each switch to allow for hot-swapping LEDs. Lastly, I also added some RGB strips at the bottom to take advantage of the translucent case.

Overall, I really dig the quality and feel of the 3d printed case. The T1 switches also sound and feel great on the FR4 plate.

Keyboard Features

  • material

    pla plastic

  • plate

    1.5mm fr4

  • pcb


  • typing angle

    7 degree

  • interface


  • layout

    40% - alice

  • rgb

    hotswap LED + underglow

  • weight


Prime_E with no keycaps; showcasing the T1 switches mounted on board
T1 swtiches lubed with 3203 (GPL 105 for springs); filmed with TX red films
bird-eye view of prime_e with red case and gmk oblivion keycaps
GMK Oblivion on ruby red Prime_E
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  • #ergo
  • #underglow
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