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The Liminal

The Liminal

Obtained on: November 6, 2020 | Currently own

The first time I saw the Liminal, the layout reminded me of the Nightmare (a PCB based off the TMO50). I decided not to join the group-buy since I did not think I could get use to the layout. Fast forward a few months later and I found myself buying the board since I thought it would make a good gaming board. Plus, I realized I could configure the Liminal with a rather unique and unusual layout.

I have always used ANSI layouts but I have always been captivated by the big ASS enters found in ISO layouts. The liminal has a plate that allows for a hybrid layout; most normal people would either choose ANSI or ISO but I chose both. In addition, I also wanted to use a 7u spacebar and block off the 1u keycaps in the bottom row. I commissioned a case for the liminal to meet those needs. In addition to the custom case, I also commissioned an acrylic bottom for the case since it soldered an RGB strip to the bottom of the board.

This particular build is easily, thus far, the board that showcases the wonders of this hobby. While it has only one purpose, to me, it has a delicious aesthetic and sounds/feels amazing.

Keyboard Features

  • material

    pla plastic

  • plate

    1.5mm fr4

  • pcb


  • typing angle

    5 degree

  • interface


  • layout

    50% - WKL

  • rgb


  • weight


Full shot of SA Vilebloom on Liminal on blue background
Look at that glorious big ASS enter
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  • #underglow
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