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Switch Couture Acrylic Alice

Switch Couture Acrylic Alice

Obtained on: November 20, 2020 | Currently own

The Alice layout became really popular last year and initially, I thought it was overhyped. I got my first taste of an alice-style layout when I tried out the Prime_E, although the alphas degree tilt is slightly different. I saw the Switch Couture had a new Alice PCB, the Mechlovin Adelais PCB which had insane underglow and supported rotary encoders. After seeing a lot of acrylic Alice builds on the Switch Couture discord, I pulled the trigger and ordered a frosted acrylic Alice board.

I debated which switches I wanted to solder onto the board and ultimately decided to go with Tealios (lubed with 205g0 and filmed with aqua TX films). For the stabs, I choose clear Durock v2 stabs (lubed with 205g0 and dialectic grease). The end result was a smooth sounding board. The 5mm thick plate feels amazing and the overall sound profile is satisfying.

My main attraction to acrylic Alice builds is the underglow. The Adelais PCB has way more LEDs than the Project Keyboard Alice PCB which leads to a brighter and more intense underglow. In addition, I added some SIP Sockets to each switch which lets me hotswap individual LEDs. I no longer need any lamps since this board can basically light up my whole room.

Keyboard Features

  • material


  • plate

    5mm acrylic

  • pcb


  • typing angle

    5 degree

  • interface


  • layout

    ergo - alice

  • rgb

    hotswap LED + underglow

  • weight


SC Acrylic Alice GMK Darling on blue background
Back of SC Acrylic Alice with GMK Darling
  • #alice
  • #ergo
  • #acrylic
  • #underglow
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