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GMK Camping

GMK Camping

Obtained on: July 13, 2020 | Currently own

Green sets are fairly uncommon in the keyboard scene but one of the best looking green sets is by far GMK Camping. However, I was not that interested in the first round given that it was latin alphas only. With round two, the theme was camping in Japan so the main base kit had Hiragana sub-legend alphas. In addition, the novelties were completely different to fit the new theme (which I really like).

GMK Camping only uses GMK stock colors and they look great. I am a huge fan of the red spacebars and novelties. I wish this set came with an extra b but the group buy was during a time when the extra b was not really widely adopted.

Initially, I was really into the RAMA keycap but when I got my set, I was pretty meh about it. It looks great and the color is awesome but I did not feel it was worth keeping so I sold it.

One thing I absolutely hate about this kit is the forced ISO keycaps. Some keys have legends printed in the front and it makes this set look really ugly (I edited them out in the photos on this page). I admit that Hiragana sublegends can make a set look busy but front printing iso legends 100% makes this set looks more busy and a bit ugly.

Kits I own(ed)

  • Base
  • Novelties
  • Spacebars
  • RAMA Fire keycap
  • RAMA M60-a with GMK camping on a blue background with warm light
    Camping in the morning
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