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GMK Wasabi

GMK Wasabi

Obtained on: June 15, 2020 | No longer own

My main appeal to this set was the green color and the hiragana sub-legends. However, after joining on the last day, I soon regretted it since there were some many other group buys happening soon afterwards that made this set feel outdated and bland. Furthermore, I bought the spacebar kit from GMK Ursa since it uses the same green in that set as the green present in GMK Wasabi (more wasted money agh).

I sold this set as soon as I received it since I had no need for it. While it does look pretty decent in real life, I am actively trying to avoid black sets since the GMK BoW Hiragana set left me with a bad impression on black abs sets.

Kits I own(ed)

  • base
  • GMK Wasabi on green RAMA M60-a with four visible matcha switches on white background
    GMK Wasabi on Sage RAMA M60-a with matcha switches
    GMK Wasabi plus green accent keycaps on polycarbonate Think 6.5 keyboard
    Wasabi with accents on Think 6.5 with black badge
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