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GMK Oblivion

GMK Oblivion

Obtained on: June 27, 2019 | Currently own

The first time I saw a set with git modifiers was when SA Oblivion was in group-buy at Drop (Massdrop at the time). I was super tempted to buy it but during that time, I was still relatively new to the hobby and thought the price tag plus wait time were not worth it. I was wrong since SA Oblivion is a sleek looking set.

A year later, the set was released and produced by GMK. I was ecstatic to learn that the base kit contained the git modifiers, which is hands down the only reason this set is good. On top of that, there was a group-buy for a RAMA keycap that had the git logo which looks amazing in real life.

This is probably the only set where I have bought two base kits: the git base and assembly kit. The cool thing is that with all the kits I own, I do not think there is a keyboard that the set is not compatible with, talk about future proofing.

Kits I own(ed)

  • Git Base
  • Assembly
  • Cadet Alphas
  • Hagoromo Cadet Alphas
  • Alternate function colors
  • Spacekeys
  • 6u spacebars
  • Git base with Hagoromo Cadet Alphas and RAMA Git keycap on blue Tokyo60
    Git base with Hagoromo Cadet Alphas and RAMA Git keycap on Tokyo60
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