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Samurai Striker

After the Tokyo60 v3's city blue color was changed to samurai blue, I thought putting on GMK Striker would be the perfect set to match the color (GMK Striker was originally called blue samurai). However, while mono blue on this board looks amazing (see the Tokyo60 v3), I thought it would look even better with white Japanese mods and a RAMA mizu keycap. I choose the mizu RAMA keycap over the GMK Striker Hinomaru keycap since the mizu enamel fill is blue and mizu means water which is usually associated with the color blue.

To further my blue theme, I built the board with holy polar panda switches and placed the board on a Zambumon hexagon blue deskpad.


Tokyo60 v3

Keycap Sets

GMK Striker

ePBT 黒・白


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